"TELEMONO" VIDEO PREMIERES ON INTERVIEW MAGAZINE 5/8/17 Put down that green juice, because you'll receive several servings worth of vegetables from Blaire Alise & The Bombshells' quirky, colorful music video for "Telemono," which we're pleased to premiere below. Both the track and its visuals are firmly footed in the '60s: the high-energy number calls back to the Ronettes with a bass-fueled, rock spin and, as Alise describes it, an "aggressive Patsy Cline string section," while its surreal animation evokes the Beatles' 1968 film Yellow Submarine. "I loved the idea of contrasting such an emotional song with the colorfulness of the vegetables," explains Alise, who, with the help of the video's director Minu Park, created a series of bizarre, comedic scenes. Vegetables both real and animated float across the screen, and grown men don clothes that better suit a salad than the stage. As a result, the sensitive song, which is an impressionistic representation of an unhealthy relationship's conclusion, gains a refreshing air of levity. "It's a dark song," explains Alise, "but watching my bandmates play their instruments while dressed up as an eggplant and a pickle adds an element of humor."

This “mod squad” has an infrared energy on stage that makes their songs bounce from them like sun-rays on solar panels; they give you clean adrenaline. if on the album she is on the cusp, in concert, she has crash-landed in the best way. It is as if the rocket of her dreams finally landed on the planet of its desires: the stage. She sings her songs with more fervor and fire, which transforms the poetry of her album into emotional punches

Popdust 4/28/17 You can say Blaire Alise knows what she wants to sound like - she's been writing since she was fifteen. The Detroit native started her own band, the Bombshells, as soon as she realized what she wanted to do. My Eye, their latest record out now via Carlin Nashville, is a sweet and summer-y return to the days of yesteryear. It is a record of "self-discovery and growing up recorded over the past 2 years" - more importantly, it is a record that captures Blaire Alise to the fullest. Over the span of a ten-song tracklist, Alise uses vocal layers of harmonies that call back the sounds of Beach Boys past. It's easy to tell who she aspires to recall, but it's not playing it safe and staying in the shadows of those who've done it before her. Instead, she combines various melodies to capture a feeling that's distinctly her own.

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Detroit’s Blaire Alise possesses the soul of a ‘60s mod popster with all of the glorious harmonies of the British Invasion melded to the sweetest melodies of Detroit pop/soul via Motown. Her latest album, My Eye, highlights the range of Blaire Alise and the Bombshells’ super catchy music, loaded with cotton candy killer melodies and harmonies that could melt the coldest of hearts. Case in point is the group’s latest single “Rolleiflex” with its instantly memorable melodic line, splendid vocals, and its perfect chorus. As the song is about memories, Alise had the video entirely shot in Super 8 video, which paints the song’s historical influences.

Artist Waves 4/11/17 Blaire Alise, a 20-year-old Detroit native, is leading the vanguard of a new generation in garage-pop, embodying the swagger of early 60’s rock, to edgier avant-garde proto-psychedelia, to classic bubblegum-pop whimsy, to a modern indie-rock sound with meticulously woven harmonies. Blaire Alise & The Bombshells have just released the video for their song “Rolleiflex”, which exudes a 60’s style, filled with emotion. The song appears on their new album My Eye, out now. Popmatters praised the track’s “instantly memorable melodic line, splendid vocals, and its perfect chorus.” We recently had the chance to catch up with Alise to discuss the resonance of 60’s music and how it made its way into her world.

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