This may sound scary but Blaire Alise is possessed, body and soul! She's a conjurer! Possessed by music, Alise exudes it, embodies it, channels it, from the swaggering spirit of early 60's rock, to edgier avant-garde proto-psychedelia, to classic bubblegum-pop whimsy, to a modern indie-rock sound with meticulously woven harmonies.

As far back as her kindergarten days, the Detroit-raised singer/songwriter has been one with an instrument, starting on piano and then taking up guitar. With a headful of melodies and a voice like honey, Alise was often caught straying from her classical piano lessons to recite her own covers of Beatles songs and she's been hooked ever since.

Leading the vanguard of a new generation in Detroit garage-pop, Alise turned a lot of heads and tugged a lot of ears her way through a slew of sensational performances opening up for big names in the region. Before she could even drive, Alise was fatefully aligned with several esteemed vets of Detroit's rock scene. These super cool rockers endearingly convinced her that it would also be cool to simultaneously keep up the piano chops, further strengthening her overall musicality and forging a solid intuition for songwriting and arrangement.

Her enchantment  towards rock music escalated  when she began collecting vinyl records, becoming a regular at local shops shuffling through bins of wax: Lesley Gore, The Ronettes, Velvet Underground, Harry Nilsson. With each acquisition she gained a new musical mentor, shaping her sensibilities as a guitarist and inspiring her own lyrical style. Energized by these icons, she began writing songs at the age of 15, exuding a similar spunk and soul as the classics, yet subtly reshaping them with a more contemporary verve and with a voice all her own. From there, this certified teen sensation started splitting time on weekends between homework in the afternoon and exciting gigs at night inside rock clubs around Detroit. It was essentially a double-life.

Elders always asked this wunderkind where all her sharp, soulful songs were coming from, and honestly, it's just gotta be that she's possessed! Or, let's say, under a spell! Something akin to Brian Wilson, these melodies and thickly threaded harmonies are always soaring around in her head; she can't explain it. She tends to drive her sound engineers crazy when she pushes for as many as 15 vocal tracks on some songs.

Alise's career reached new heights when she caught the ears of folks at Carlin Nashville, who invited her down to Music City, U.S.A. to work on an album. Her latest songs are her most intricately arranged work to date, demonstrating that knack of hers for dazzlingly layered harmonies and sprightly guitar strums over snappy drums, handclaps and that vibrant vocal delivery. With a rockabilly twang, a torch singer's theatricality, a surf-rock riff and surplus charisma, Alise's newly released album, "My Eye, is an exceptional introduction to this extraordinarily musical mind.

Alise is currently based in New York where she performs and tours regularly with her band, The Bombshells.